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The Elliott Louis Gallery is located one and a half blocks off Main Street at First avenue in Vancouver's newest transition area.  The area, known for it's warehouse and light industrial use is fast becoming the equivalent of Vancouver's SOHO district.

The Gallery encompasses 3,600 square feet of newly re-furbished and renovated ex-warehouse space that has been specifically designed to accommodate special event usage.  Its significant showcase of contemporary art is an excellent compliment to any client who wishes to produce an “extra” special event.


Rental Space
The Gallery environment is ideal for a cocktail style reception of up to 125 people.  Smaller events with sit-down style dinners are also appropriate and welcome.

Rental Fee
From 6 PM on, the cost of rental is $1,100.00 (plus HST). This includes set-up time ( 4 PM access). If additional time is required during the Gallery's hours of operation, there will be a supplementary charge.

A $250.00 non-refundable deposit is required to secure the date, with the balance to be paid 90 days in advance of the event.

Notice of cancellation must be presented in writing not less than 60 days prior to the event. There will be no compensation if the event is cancelled without appropriate notice.

The Gallery Environment
The art displayed in the Gallery changes regularly. The art on exhibit during the time of your event may be different than anticipated. The Gallery retains curatorial control of art on display at all times. Decorations, signage, special equipment and addition of tables and chairs must be coordinated with the Gallery in advance. Smoking, open flames (e.g. candles), sparklers, rice or confetti are not permitted in the Gallery. A member of our staff will be present throughout the event to ensure the safety and security of the venue and that facility policies and relevant laws are maintained.

To protect you and the Gallery from personal liability during special events, insurance covering personal injury and a deductible property damage clause is mandatory. Further information and recommendations can be obtained from Gallery staff. A copy of the insurance policy is required by the Gallery.

Parking / Accessibility
Parking is available on the street.  In addition, complimentary parking is available after 5:30 pm at Midas Auto and Ralph's Auto (both at the corner of Main & first) and at the Kirmac lot across the street from the gallery after 6:30 pm.

The Gallery is wheelchair accessible.

Food, Beverage and Rentals
Alcohol service requires a Liquor License and Serving it Right certified bar personnel provided by the caterers.

Caterers and rental services are arranged for by the client. Recommendations from the Gallery are available on request. Caterers and service providers such as DJs are advised to visit the Gallery as soon as the event is booked to understand the layout of the facility and areas available for preparation. Caterers will also be made aware of their responsibility for clean up after the event (food preparation and serving areas including removal of all food and waste materials).

Leaving the Gallery clean is the responsibility of the client..

Most caterers will assist with equipment rental (tables, glasses, linen, tents, etc). Deliveries can be made to the Gallery on the day of the function. Pick up of rentals is at the time of Gallery opening on the day following the function.

Hours of Operation
As each event is unique, hours of operation can be arranged with the Gallery prior to you event.

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Thank you for choosing the Elliott Louis Gallery for your event.

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