Lawrence McDonald
The Abstraction of The Every Day
March 10 - 28, 2009 - Opening Reception: Thurs. March 12, 6:30 - 8:30 PM

"The Abstraction of The Everyday" is a series of photographs, the subject of which is the discarded, broken, battered and bent.

Layer upon layer of stories told, through graffiti, markings, and scratches upon every surface imaginable - each effecting the next, like layers of oil paint upon an artist's canvas.

The work is raw and is captured on film just as I found it, I do not physically interrupt the flow of the subject , nor do I manipulate the imagery through anything but the most basic of Photoshop.

Nature plays a part in the expression of each piece, gravity, time, oxidization, heat, light, water and pollution all affect the work. The walls chip and crack, the metals rust, the wet paint drips, the colours bend and bleed through each other.

The images are sometimes poetic, fluid ,passionate, careful, thoughtful and with purpose, like the delicate brush stroke of a calligrapher.

In other photos, the imagery is fast, aggressive, angry, direct from the subconscious mind, the hand being guided by an emotion or a feeling from somewhere deep within.

Like music, there is a complex rhythm and mathematical structure that is common to all the works in this exhibition, and there is a message expressed in the layer upon layers, of the unspoken.