Jane Adams
February 10 - March 4, 2009 - Opening reception: Thursday Feb 12, 6:30 - 8:30 pm

Beginning in 2008 I wanted to direct my paintings back to working with florals that I had been developing for many years until 2005 when I ventured into the very figurative Western Journey show. This time I wanted to find a much more contemporary way of expressing my ideas. In my search I began to carve some very simple images into rubber using black ink over acrylic color and found the outcome very bold and graphic. With more experimentation I found I was able to embed a very fine rice paper directly into the acrylic paint and the paper virtually disappeared leaving a one of a kind print on canvas.

At times, every artist must throw down all the previous processes to create a regeneration of ideas for fear of the work becoming prosaic. I have always remained faithful to the real image but using this new approach to the floral I am able to keep an expressionistic use of color and yet venture into a very bold linear abstraction.

Some years ago I went to the Munch Museum in Olso and saw for the first time the wonderful woodcuts of Edward Munch. Immediately upon returning home I began to carve and record my trip into a series of woodcuts. It has been very exciting to return to this earlier technique using older skills and tools to find I can cross mediums and introduce a new, fresh and contemporary look to my work.

Jane Adams 2008