Scott Pattinson
Periphery Flash
July 24 - Aug 12, 2007 -

The paintings in this body of work are a result of an ongoing study of the "flow and energy of life"

I believe that it is innate in humans to yearn for authentic experiences. Presently, we are inundated with corporate images formulating consumer wants, insensible built environments, and mass materiality, I believe, however, that the pendulum can not swing any further from the realness that people desire from life… As people, we have not lost understanding in the truth of living, which navigates its way through an authentic experience, and personal enlightenment. The journey towards this depth is different for everyone, but for everyone to find their own. Objects or places that are "real", not contrived; it is as simple as the silence of spaces between things, such as rocks moving together, between your toes on a beach, or the sun's rays refracting off particles in the air, to illuminate the space and air around you, perhaps an authentic moment. Seldom do we stop to appreciate these moments, gone, in a flash…

In Japan, this somewhat inexplicable experience is summarized with a simple word, "Ma". In the West, Mikeal Benedikt, an architect, coins it as "emptiness" or "silence". This raw energy is what I intend to capture through my act of painting; as the viewer is offered to experience the works; as artifacts of emotion, passion and sensuality… they are open.

Created through acts of mark making, in sensible proportions and relationships, communicating with each other, as layering of paint, shapes, often obtuse geometries, in a variety of depths of field, there is a life to each piece. There is a sort of tension between seemingly control and chaos, tactility, many of the elements reach out to each other, and communicate within. The structures of the pieces are conceived from images taken from cardboard sculptures… these pieces are similar in spatial construction as a Anthony Caro metal sculpture, needing stability in itself to sit properly, as the negative spaces are just as important as the material which defines; but the photographs have no context of what the things is… or what it is resting on, so I remove myself from its concreteness and just study the spaces and how they blend, separate or move together… I start off with this innocent structure and then it becomes more of a conversation within the work, different elements react to each other and have a relationship; as a life, until it is finished…… I intend to create an experience that becomes an opportunity for a viewer to visualize, for them to become curious again… and experience the work, with their own meaning; feeling it with unrestricted emotions and reactions… ultimately, there is opportunity for contemplation and dialogue with the viewers.