Kelly Mason
May 22 - 27, 2007

We know that Mother Earth is in trouble, or is it that human kind is in trouble? The planet has been here much longer then we have. Is it too late to correct the wrongs we have made on our relatively short journey here? We have all been present to the little miracles that occur in our lives. It seems that generally what we wish for comes true sooner or later. I suppose we are still realizing that our thoughts, feelings, words and actions create our reality. If this were really true, wouldn't it be the finest miracle to persevere as a species. If we could gather enough positive energy and consciousness to stop global warming and heal the planet, wouldn't this be the ultimate victory?

Intervention is the necessary action to take to heal this planet. Intervention would take us out of the industrial age and into the age of Awareness. This is a transformative new world upon us. We all must recycle, reuse and recover. My images demonstrate this example in the media form of black and white film photography. The images originate on a type of black and white emulsion film that has now become discontinued. The negative is recycled through scanning, to avoid the polluting qualities of the chemical darkroom procedure. The character of the grain then naturally transforms and becomes exaggerated to create a new form from an old art.

Everything can be recycled. The images in this collection represent a style of artwork where the results take on a fresh quality through the aid of recycling. Lets hope the rest of the world steps up to the plate to help heal the environment while exercising healthy creative passions.