Christian Nicolay
Project flyleaf
Oct. 12 - Nov. 5, 2006

Project Flyleaf christian nicolay

fly'leaf" n. 1, a blank leaf at the beginning or end of a book. 2, flyleaves often carry pen trails and inscriptions concerning provenance. 3, used for structural reinforcement to protect the text in the event of worming or damage to the binding.
Flyleaves denote preservation
Project flyleaf represents entropy.
Drawn on flyleaf: entropy artifacts
Each flyleaf is left to the unpredictable course and nature of the books next owner. Things that were written may become crossed out, or added onto. A dialogue of spontaneous and uncertain mark making begins.
Flyleaves ephemeral yet silent qualities draws on my obsession with opposites that simultaneously co-exist in perfect harmony.
Decades of
pen trails
scribbles and scrawls
Sometimes flyleaves are blank
not one mark, dog ear or inscription
lost as naked anomalies
enclosed, suffocated and bound by text
Their purpose remains
an empty dust cover
for preservation and
a (certain)silent death