David Luksha
Advert Convert Subvert
May 13 - June 6

Exhibition: May 13 - June 6

Exhibition Preview: May 10 - 12
Opening / artist reception 6:30 - 8:30 pm May 13th

Employing layers of wax, oil paint and glazing, this new suite of work investigates the tension created by the ongoing battle between impulse and reflection, emotion and concept. As was the case with my previous body of work "Contingencies", each piece is initiated with automatic painting techniques coupled with repetition and mapping.

Layers of wax and oil paint are applied in succession; opaque and transparent paint surfaces become suspended in the wax, which is alternately poured and brushed, torched and melted. As the process is repeated, elements that have disintegrated reappear in a new form, for a decidedly organic visual effect. The resultant images are formed by what is on the surface, in the surface and beneath the surface. At this point coloured glazing and clean layers of wax are applied in varying degrees in an attempt to solidify the visual field.  Sometimes the surfaces are forced into alternate formats by melting through or scraping away layers of colour. These processes are meant to mimic the effect that a point of view or a position that one holds, whether it be political, religious, aesthetic etc., alters the ones processing of daily events.