Cory Fuhr - Classical Fusion
April 15, 2005 - May 8, 2005

Exhibition: April 15 - May 8 
Opening / Artist Reception 6:30 - 8:30 pm April 15th. 

Cory Fuhr's new collection of steel sculptures, Classical Fusion, is a reaction to the technological feats of human kind and finer things gone by. He draws his inspiration from the steel structures that fill our skylines while remaining connected to classical traditions.

Have we bettered ourselves through technological advancements? This is a question put forth by Cory Fuhr's new work. His figurative pieces draw from the ancient Greek idealization of man. However, instead of marble, burnished steel is placed along side gears and machine parts. This engages the viewer to reflect on humanity as it becomes more dependent on technology. Because of this, these pieces carry a psychological weight equal to their sheer physical mass.

Cory Fuhr's other works pay tribute to an art form that transcends the visual. Violin # 1 becomes a music idol in its metal form. The stringed sleek body, though not functional, calls out to be played. 

Classical Fusion reflects the strength and depth of Cory Fuhr's work, a quality that has gained him exceptional notoriety in the contemporary art world. 

*At the Opening - Special performance by Juno nominated band Sekoya, & performance moments from original dance commissioned for Cory's new body of work by dancer Kathryn Ricketts*