Actions of Mass Construction
May 4 - May 22, 2004

actions of mass construction (ak"shenz)-(uv)-(mas)-(ken-struk"shen)   (n.)'s
1, a process of building or arranging disregarded material into something regarded, regarding the disregarded.  2, an assemblage of incongruous material that transforms into one coherent mass.  3, using an object for another purpose other than its specific function.  4, a method of spontaneous and uncertain experimentation. 

It may be difficult to understand why I would change or modify
The specific function of one thing by taking it apart
Or assembling it incongruously with something else.
It is not a matter of understanding that I am searching for.
But rather, these explorations are a means for ending up in a place
I do not know how to get to
through logical investigations.
That place being
A systematically confused free associative playground
resulting in unfamiliar discourse through unrestrained playfulness.
 I am efficient in order to play with inefficiency more often
Systematically confusing myself with the nature of ones thing and its opposite

When we view the world as complete chaos, it is next to impossible to realize that it is also completely ordered simultaneously at the same time.  Because I use chance, accidents, and completely chaotic processes of mark making or finding materials in my work, I find myself battling with the idea that night and day are opposites, yet they flow in and out of one another everyday.

Without humor, absurdity, or chance
I could not wake up in the mornings
But, without structure, conscious goals, or practice
I would be lost

 Working in many mediums
Makes me mindful more often
I may multiply 3 x 4
And end up with 13.