January 20 - February 12, 2004

The title of this series of artworks says much about their nature. The term itself comes from the text on an MRI, a magnetic resonance image, taken a fews years ago of my brain. I used a hundred or more line drawings of the brain as part of a series called Resonance Imaging. Those delicate intricate and often cryptic organic forms in the drawings intrigued me. When parts of the drawings were isolated or enlarged, they looked more like amoeba or bifurcating organisms than anything as specific as the brain. Alternately, they occasionally seemed to be more like satellite shots of earth's terrain. I have scanned and then redeveloped these drawings over and over in various media, searching for clues about the nature of life forms, both micro and macro-cosmic. I continue to generate new tableaus in my work for those life forms to inhabit.