Diary of a Heart
November 25th - December 6th, 2003

"Sometimes we should visit places in our memory to recognize the nuances of our nature. When I was six, I found myself with a pencil in my hand and realized at that time I wanted to be an artist. Rather than just paint how people or places look, I also like to paint how they feel in connection with those around them and with the ambiance at the time. “A year ago, I became intrigued by the range of emotions we experience during the course of a relationship – to chart how close we come together and how far apart we move from each other as the ‘dance’ unfolds. This diary represents one part of the encyclopaedia of these feelings. Through these paintings and drawings, I attempt to unravel the hidden layers of our minds as we meet, fall in love, and move through the various stages of a relationship.” These drawings and mixed media – figurative works on paper and canvas by Yugoslavian-born artist, Ella Fleš – are part of a diary reliving a life-long relationship between two people, for better, for worse.