Canadian Autumn
Cross Section of New Work
October 21 - November 2, 2003

Recent works including contemporary Canadian culture and landscape using oil, watercolour, drawing and pointilism. Paul adds, "I work as much as possible from life as photographs distort proportions. Colours and tones are often off. Darks are dead. They can be used but only with experience. For example, Zorn and Eakins use photographs intelligently. I use photographs occasionally for large studio paintings, but only in conjunction with on-site sketches and notes. I use a variety of mediums depending on the intent of the desired outcome. Landscapes keep me sparring with my paint. They keep me on my toes as there is limited time to get it right. I become more intuitive and less cerebral. This forces me to put marks down and make them count. Working outside keeps the brush work fresh and this carries over into the studio. It's a life-long pursuit to try and get it right."