Young and Green
May 30 - - June12

Artist Statement Young and Green In a period of consolidation, the artist inevitably looks back at the myths and poetry of experience. Elements of nostalgia blur with present reality: the work becomes an almanac. In putting together Young and Green I was informed by both my ongoing ecological concerns, and what I suppose is the archetypal experience of fatherhood. In reflecting on the unfolding lives of my children and their generation, I harken back more and more to the campfire adventures of my own youth and times, as well as the broader human panorama that stretches back to the classical age. Recently, while visiting the ruins of Pompeii, I was obliged to confront the starker face of history and of the human fight – especially in light of the events of September 11, 2001 in New York. The paintings on paper are monotypes, that is, transferred paintings. I paint with watercolours onto frosted Plexiglas sheets and transfer the images onto dampened paper through the use of an etching press. Sometimes I employ airbrush stencilling to the painting also. Between five and eight impressions are required to achieve the finished product. Two pieces involve intaglio (drypoint) inclusions and several involve the use of encaustic, as well as manipulated photographs that are enlarged and photocopied and then transferred to the paper. All receive enhancement by painting directly onto the paper. There are also two acrylic paintings in this exhibition; the smaller is centered on a collaged grid while the large painting is accented with an area of encaustic.