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Martin Brouillette
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Sept. 9 - 27, 2008 - Opening reception: Thurs Sept 11th, 6:30-8:30 pm

Martin Brouillette - Spring Awakening
Spring Awakening
40 x 30 Inches  
mixed media on panel




  1. shortened from internetwork, from inter- + network.
  2. a worldwide computer network that provides information on many subjects and enables users to exchange messages.



  1. an act or instance of seducing, esp. Sexually.
  2. the condition of being seduced.
  3. a means of seducing; enticement; temptation.

« Some scholars have argued that the access to massive amounts of information, together with the widespread ability to communicate, has altered the way that human beings perceive reality. »

The American Heritage® New Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition 2005

This series of paintings was inspired from actual photographs posted on the internet. What interested me most was how internet based relationships have altered our perception of reality. By browsing daily through profiles on various dating websites, I decided to choose images based on whoever was successful at seducing me. I started to reproduce these images with the intention to paint impressions that these individuals generated, rather than a formal copy of the pictures themselves. Influenced sometimes by people's descriptions and attributes, my fantasies, or a combination of rational thoughts, I allowed my imagination to explore diverse concepts and ideas.

I believe the internet has created a whole new generation of voyeur. I sense it has also transformed how we regard and express intimacy. Protected by anonymity, it enable people to communicate very personal feelings to complete strangers. As a result, many men and women create "virtual identities" which empower them with the illusion of a place where they can connect and relate. Something that would not normally happen in real life because of a lack of confidence, status or physical attractiveness. Others, genuinely lay all of their emotions, beliefs and attributes on the table with no restraint. Permitting them to reach an unlimited number amount of people worldwide.

This exhibition explores the concept of seduction in this new era of cyber media. It displays my personal experience as a voyeur but also as a seducer. Because in the end, for me the act of painting is also an act of seduction.

Martin Brouillette

August 14th 2008

Martin Brouillette - Romantic Illusion
Romantic Illusion
102 x 80 Inches  
mixed media on panel

Martin Brouillette - Instant Gratification
Instant Gratification
24 x 30 Inches  
mixed media on panel

Martin Brouillette - Web Beauty
Web Beauty
30 x 40 Inches  
mixed media on panel

Martin Brouillette - Virtual Rendez-Vous
Virtual Rendez-Vous
40 x 30 Inches  
mixed media on panel

Martin Brouillette - Unleashed Confessions
Unleashed Confessions
90 x 60 Inches  
mixed media on panel

Martin Brouillette - Feeling Like a Rock Star
Feeling Like a Rock Star
60 x 72 Inches  
mixed media on panel

Martin Brouillette - Cyber Wonder
Cyber Wonder
72 x 60 Inches  
mixed media on panel

Martin Brouillette - Concealed Fantasy
Concealed Fantasy
60 x 72 Inches  
mixed media on panel

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