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Bruce Pashak
Where Are You From (ed. of 3)
72 x 48 Inches  
3-D lenticular process from painted/drawn image mounted into a custom-built light box
Artist: Bruce Pashak, Title: Where Are You From (ed. of 3) - click for larger image

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The 3-D lenticular process is a new form of art-making that allows the viewer to experience an image in 3-D without the aid of 3-D glasses. The process is a complex one that involves multi-layered printing procedures. The use of lenticular printing in my latest series adds another layer to this process that further broadens the experience for the viewer. It is the combination of 3-D lenticular processes with my painted/drawn images (the union of studio practice with technology) that challenges our perceptions of art and its effect on culture. It is this unique union that gives this series its strength and integrity. Lenticular printing is a technology used to produce images with an illusion of depth. It is a multi-step process consisting of creating a lenticular art form from at least two images (in my work, there are three images) and combining it with a “lenticularcorto” lens. Once the various images are collected, they are flattened into individual, different frame files and then digitally combined into a single final file in a process called “interlacing”. The interlaced image is printed directly to the back of the lens. The resulting effect is a 3-D image visible to the naked eye. 'Where Are You From' depicts a woman of colour in profile gazing optimistically into an environment composed of swirling meteoric disks, birds and lizards. Floating in front of her is the text, “WHERE ARE YOU FROM” juxtaposed ominously deep into the viewer’s space. The optimistic gaze together with the futuristic ground implies a sense of journey that is put into jeopardy by firstly, the prescribed meaning of the stark, white text and secondly, the historical garb worn by the woman. The use of the text “WHERE ARE YOU FROM” is taken from the phrase uttered by serial killer Mark Stroman before shooting his victims in Texas post the 9/11 disaster. Stroman took it upon himself to “do the duty of his country” by avenging the twin tower catastrophe with the deaths of innocent victims he deemed to be responsible because of their assumed Muslim beliefs and racial profile. The historical outfit worn by the sitter is that of a domestic bringing to light the history of repression created by racial barriers in North American society. The statement “WHERE ARE YOU FROM” in this context, becomes loaded and fuels the flames of racial tensions and attitudes that prevail in America today.

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