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Helma Sawatzky
Construction Sites Phase II: The Phoenix Complex (ed. of 5)
53 x 44 Inches  
lightjet print mounted on aluminum Dibond
Artist: Helma Sawatzky, Title: Construction Sites Phase II: The Phoenix Complex (ed. of 5) - click for larger image

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Construction sites embody society’s projections of myriad imagined futures—the pursuit of a ‘dream home,’ the wish to create a ‘shopper’s paradise,’ the need for a social housing project, or, in the case of Morgan Crossing, the desire to ‘live in the middle of everywhere.’ In this body of work I digitally reconstruct sites/sights that were photographed in small segments (100–200 digital photographs per image). This strangely distorted ‘unfolding’ of the landscape thus emerges as the space in which the image data collected ‘on site’ becomes the building material for an imaginary development that inhabits an uncanny borderland between fact and fiction.

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