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Barbara Heller
The Shaman
50 x 32 Inches  
Artist: Barbara Heller, Title: The Shaman - click for larger image

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Following the gallery showing, this work will be on display at a Juried National Exhibition of works by Canada’s Craft Community at the Canadian Pavilion, Cheongju International Biennale, South Korea until November 1, 2009. Subsequently, the work will be touring Canada throughout 2010. Dance Dance your feathers, Shaman; Dance ecstatic madness for our mad ecstasy. Dance a frenzied fire, unprotected. Forever dance the dance, For all of us Who heed the call. Overwhelm our grieving; Fortify our failings and scatter all our fears; Free our hopes from their capricious futures; Embalm our memories In honey’s dew, In God’s own shawl. Dance for foolish mortals; Dance for loss undimmed by remorse or drug or sleep. Dance for our redemption in your madness; Foretell all sorrow’s end, In Heaven’s light, For all our souls. Dance your death away, Shaman, For all of us.

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