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Barbara Heller
62 x 66 Inches  
Artist: Barbara Heller, Title: Ozymandias - click for larger image

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People bury land mines and then people bury the victims of land mines. What are we doing to our world and what are we doing to each other? Wail For Our Brothers Wail for our brothers, my brothers; Cry bitter tears in the sun and the rain; Choke on the tears of our mothers; Howl at the horror of Abel and Cain Re-played again and again and again Whimper and plead for our daughters; Mourn for the fathers and sons we can save. We are not spared from the slaughter; Evil will find us in condos and caves; Measure us all for the shroud and the grave. Madness envelops the planet; Mercy is buried alive; Seize all the guns and the hatchets; Stand in the way if you hope to survive. No more refined declarations; No more inviting the butchers to dine; No more rehearsed lamentations; No more pretending we’re all deaf and blind. Turn to the funeral pyres; See what your eyes won’t believe; Witness the blood and the fires; Cradle your babies and grieve. Touch the cold face of your lover; Feel yourself dying alone. We are entwined in each other; Everyone’s death is our own.

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