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the dark
The Collector (gritty pearls)
24.75 x 16.75 Inches
archival prints on transparency
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These are a series of archival prints on transparency depicting historical detritus using re-contextualized found images from Internet searches. Each element has been selected for its dated concept and misplaced meaning in history. Various archive photographs, handwritten notes, children’s drawings, schematics and blueprints and government documents all represent small parcels, moments in history long forgotten in this era of information and its instant availability.

“The Collector” (gritty pearls) uses a page from Girl Watchers magazine circa 1959 as its main element, which when read seems at first to be a jesting tongue in cheek parody of male wantonness of a woman’s company. A closer examination reveals our present conditioning, with women as objects of advertising and fear mongering mass media reports of common stalking and sexual assault cases. It has become innocence lost, a stark contrast to our romanticist nostalgia.

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