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Tom Forrestall
Fog Rolling In, Devil's Island
6 x 16.25 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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on back of painting:

“Fog Rolling In, Devil’s Island” “Harbour Entrance” – egg tempera. Tom Forrestall. March 2011.

This painting, size and shape is part of the three done at Hartland’s point at the mouth of the Halifax harbour. Done to break the stalemate I had with it by taking the panel, with brushes and ink to the site. I was astonished t how quickly it took to have the shape work on location. How smooth the decision went and the India ink drawing progressed…Go back to the Nature!! There’s an endless variation to choose from. I’ve done this before but with simpler shapes. These were far more complex…It was just another positive test for the creative dynamics of the shape. Painting in egg tempera makes visible each brushstroke and as I paint, I can see these small dabs of paint as words in the makeup of a visual story or a stage play. For my art is very much like that. These visual word touches of paint and egg tempera amazing luminous colours with other great factors make it my favourite medium in the studio. My painting springs from deep within me… A “truer realism” and all my failings, struggles and successes that make art – out such art is born. Real as my painting is, it does not look like a photograph. It’s too much me. Style and mannerisms I abhor. I paint what I know. What’s at hand and out of them I glean the universal. What I do is an account in paint of the real and imaginary happening drawn out of the creative vision…Destines to fail that very vision that propelled it all.

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