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Tom Forrestall
Island In Fog
6 x 20.5 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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“Island in Fog” egg tempera. April 2011. Tom Forrestall.

Returning to a place that I’ve so often delved into over the years presents interesting revelations. The more I return, the more the island and the point unfold it’s intrigue. The deeper inner mystery comes to the surface and yet I’ll never truly get it because I’m doffing into me not the island. Egg tempera makes visible each brush stroke and each is a word that builds a story, a play, a poem, a painting, a work of art. Each visit to the island and point is seen anew, as if I had never been there before, the here and now instant of being alice at the point set free a spring of new and different visions that I’d never had before. A new feast to chew up and digest. The island and lighthouse are constants. the sails of the bluenose and the fog contribute to it all. the sails were not there in reality. I put them in. The fog common enough on this shore got me very interested. How the fog seems to lift in places on the island letting it appear darker. One of my best known paintings done at the point “island in the Ice” – a very large egg tempera on exhibit at the art gallery of Nova Scotia. This shape or indeed any, is my creative choice. Artist have been kidnapped by the factory-made uncreated convention rectangle. Artists own creation of their own shape must come to the fore.

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