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Tom Forrestall
Summerbeach At Night
6 x 20.5 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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“Summer Beach at Night” “Night” egg tempera. Tom Forrestall. March 2011.

Painted mostly from imagination, this is a perfect example of starting a painting and not knowing what will happen or how it will look. Very early the work took on a life of its won and it guided me in its direction. Its story slowing, built, each brushstroke (always visible in egg tempera) a word that built. It’s also a good example of how I see my paintings develop as on a stage. A totality that is enclosed and goes no further than the stage. on and off, over the years, I’ve gone to the art college to draw from the model. These figures are loosely related to these drawings. As I sink into a painting a kind of intimacy builds between us, my input of preliminary work, emotions, memories, indeed my whole life, as such I don’t’ want to end, so I never finish a painting but it finished with me. While I never make copies I do return to themes I’ve delved into before. Such as this: “figures on a beach.” I’ve never used this shape this way before. Each painting starts a new adventure. Driven by a vision in my head. A vision I will fail as the art takes on a life of its own. And I work on, driven by vision and passion. Fail the vision but not the “Self.” For I’ve tried my best.

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