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Tom Forrestall
Hunter in the Long Grass
24.5 x 24.5 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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I slaved at this painting all summer, it was a struggle all the way. Working on it, leaving for a few days to work on other paintings (I work on 4 or 5 paintings at the same time) always proves to me the right way to go… I’ll work on it until I get hung up (4 or 5 days) then set it aside for a totally different painting, then after some time return to this one.

Being a rotating painting it presented some new challenges in perspective, composition, subject and the whole idea and vision of creating an original new viewpoint, never truly ever considered in painting. Then there is the shape and how it turns.

Of course I never have a painting that comes easy, there is no easy formula to work out and follow 1-2-3 done!! It all springs from a vision deep within, then pieced together from bits and parts from where ever they can be raked up from the world at hand.

Some of the cat comes from one of my son’s and some of it from another son’s cat. Whenever a cat was near there’s be a long hard look often for some tiny particular bit…a nose, an ear, a tail, back, hair, spots, etc.. Much of the weeds and grass came from our back lawn, but still bits were picked in fields in the country and brought back to the studio to fit into the over all. It was all from fragments…only the vision presented all together in my head.

As the work progressed I kept rotating it. There is no one place to see, no one direction. One must find their own spot on the turning. With each turn it changes. Rotating is my reason to create these works. Rotating a circle is one shape, but I’ll rotate other shapes [as well].

My visions always outpace my doings. What I hope for and what I get are two different truths. There are three parts to paintings of mine…Reality, Vision, Creation.

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