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Mary-Ann Liu
Doodle Collage #2
31.75 x 23.25 Inches
ink jet print on watercolour paper, sleeve: laser print on archival velum
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$200 unframed

“Activity” (Named by Sesha)

Introduce words or notes not necessarily my thought but jotted down by me. Glue and paste the direction it was drawn. It’s fun to cut things up and paste. Every image is a graphic. Introduce different elements – little holes where paper has been pulled from spiral.
Names, dates, each has import – impression, different for each person looking. Dates. Do I add the date because it is on the same original paper as the doodle? There are no rules. There’s mystery. Who are these names? What does it mean? Different color paper, ink, different types of paper, pads, envelops, cardboard.
The doodles are a palette, pick your color, shape, size, word. I have young children and work in film production. Each individual will have their own doodle references.
Censorship. Do I censor my own doodles? Is this indicative of how I deal with other forms of psychological self-censorship? I try to place the doodle on the page in the same direction as originally drawn.

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