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Jim Ramsay
Town Without Pity: Hound's House of Chance
23 x 13 x 7.5 Inches
paper and mixed media
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Collaboration with artist Mirmy Winn

Mirmy graduated the University of Manitoba with a degree in Philosophy, then moved to Vancouver British Columbia and is currently completing her Masters in Visual Art at UBC. For the past several years she has participated in numerous group shows in Vancouver, New York, New Orleans, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Berlin, as well as 5 solo shows in Vancouver.

Mirmy is a proud member of MART (Minnesota Association of Rogue Taxidermists) which is a collective of taxidermist artists who follow a ‘no kill’ code of ethics. Through this association, her art has become known worldwide and has been featured in Popmatters and other webzines and blogs. In 2009 an interview was published in The Death Mook (magazine/book) put out by Australia’s Vignette Press and soon pictures of her work will appear in a book about New Taxidermy published by nEgoist, Germany. This past year, in December 2010 a photo spread and interview about Mirmy’s work appeared in Hey! Moderne Art and Pop Culture, an art periodical based in Paris, France. A profile on her work also appeared in January/February 2011 in Walrus Magazine, an award winning Canadian culture magazine.

Influenced by classical art, religious icons, vintage circus art, tattoo art, and other MART artists, Mirmy’s work is an undeniably unique combination of these and many other genres. Aware that her use of real human and animal remains causes some viewers to simultaneously feel intrigued and horrified, Mirmy hopes that those who view her work, recognize that her work is filled with reverence, and that it is her sincerest hope that those who’s remains her work holds, approve of their new life and history.

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