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Jim Ramsay
The Grudge: Random Miseries
11 x 12.5 x 8.5 Inches
paper and mixed media
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Collaboration with artist Pat Keck:

One of America’s most interesting kinetic sculptors, Pat Keck has been creating her mechanical and interactive wood figurative sculptures since the late 1970’s. using brightly coloured and highly finished surfaces, Keck’s semi-sentient ‘automatons’ come out of her interest both in folk art and the vernacular imagery associated with carnivals and vaudeville performers.

On her 2003 one-person retrospective at the Decordova Museum in Lincoln, MA, curator Nick Capasso writes “Keck's art, on a conceptual level, grapples with important philosophical and psychological issues that continue to perplex us: control and manipulation vs. free will and predestination, the relationship of the conscious to the subconscious mind, and the mysteries of life, self-awareness, sleep, and ultimately, death. These fears are leavened with humor, while intensified with experiential strategies derived from theater. Keck's work-especially the mechanical sculptures-involves anticipation, confrontation, surprise, spectacle, and the direct participation of viewers to make the figures “come alive”.”

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