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Jim Ramsay
Grudge: Million Dollar Rat Rods
11 x 12 x 8.5 Inches
paper and mixed media
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Collaboration with artist 12 Midnite

Vancouver based artist "12 Midnite" is widely recognized as Canada's most important Contemporary Pop artist.

His trademark hard edge pop style blends aspects of commercial sign painting and hot rod pin-striping with both traditional and non-traditional painting methods and materials.

Ranging from rich textured surfaces to shiny space-age plastic and pearlescent automotive finishes, many of Midnite's works incorporate neon as both the light source for the work and focal exclamation point that is impossible to ignore.

A true social critic who cut his artistic teeth as a political street artist, Midnite's new work examines cultural clichés by calling on iconic imagery. Midnite challenges the viewer to bring their own experience and prejudices into the artistic equation. In this way, and in accordance with one's own particular world view, a neon-lit car crash can become a commentary on modern American excess, an allegory for wasted potential, or simply stand as an explosive decorative object.

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