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Jim Ramsay
Artkar Electric: Bound
6 x 13 x 6.5 Inches
paper and mixed media
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Collaboration with artist Angus Bungay

Angus Bungay is an expatriate British artist who works mainly with the figure. His choice of materials are plaster, leather, brass, wood and a plethora of found objects. Bungay's anatomical sculptures play fast and loose with our deep-seated anxieties about bondage, imprisonment, and scientifically sanctioned mutilation. His leather and metal sculptures suggest bizarre practices - of the most painful kind. Tapping into our instinctive fears, Bungay's deadly instruments challenge our civilized sensibilities.

If I was limited to a one-word description of Angus Bungay's sculptural devices that word would be "ominous" ~ Paula Gustafson

"Are these the faces of madmen who have to be confined and caged to control them or are they the faces of saints who, despite mutilation and torture, shine with inner peace and placidity?" ~ Ed Varney

"He has neglected or chosen to say nothing about his work, which is fine - I have a lot to say." ~ Donna Mattila,

"The sculpture [Filter] is a good example of the double edged nature of everything he sees: danger and beauty, terror and protection, constriction and freedom, all in the same sculpture." ~ Mary Frances Hill

"Only later did we learn the little fellow had broken his neck and died. Bungay's show is like that." ~ Malcolm Parry

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