Kathy Venter

Ostraca are fragments of fired clay, valued for the information they carry. With this in mind I have produced a series of heads and upper torsos of models in the studio.

By using the model as the subject, I provide the viewer with an uncluttered reflection of self through another. The sculptures are direct and engaging, life size, a measure of our humanity. The response to each work will be as varied as our own individuality.

There is (in spite of naturalism and clear detail) a strong sense of presence and a shameless, generous invitation to ponder all aspects of form and personality.

Abstraction, which I believe to be an essential part of my own or any artwork, is introduced in the surface treatment, a casing from which the figurative forms emerge, enhanced and invigorated by this escape.

This application of cement, plaster and color, then sand blasted, refers directly to the Tanagra terracotta figurines which were painted with white slip, colored and then left to the abrasion of being buried for thousands of years. This I have translated into the personal and contemporary idiom by adding texture but maintaining the colors as we see them today. Pale blue, pink, yellow and white.

I propose that the interest in this series lies in three components, all housed together in the studio, i.e. the model, the clay and the artistic choices I have made within the tradition and development of my artistic discipline, while bringing my vision to the language of visual art.

1980    M.F.A. Sculpture, Port Elizabeth School of Art and Design, South Africa
1978    Honors Diploma Fine Art Sculpture
1976    Diploma in Fine Art Sculpture
Solo Exhibitions
2013    Gardiner Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Toronto
2011    Robin Relph Contemporary, London, U.K.                                        
2009    William Traver Gallery, Seattle. Water Boundary
2008    Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver
2007    Sculpture Site Gallery, San Francisco
2006    William Traver Gallery, Seattle
2005    William Traver Gallery, Seattle
2004    Miriam Shiell Fine Art, Toronto  
2003    Buschlen Mowatt Gallery, Vancouver  
2002    Vortex Gallery, Saltspring Island  
2001    Vortex Gallery Saltspring Island
1999    Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver
1998    Vortex Gallery, Saltspring Island
1997    Vortex Gallery, Saltspring Island
1996    Vortex Gallery, Saltspring Island
1995    Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver
1993    Vortex Gallery, Saltspring Island
1992    Vortex Galllery, Saltspring Island
1990    Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver
1989    Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver
1988    Gallery International, Cape Town
1987    Gallery International, Cape Town
1986    Gallery International, Cape Town
1985    Gallery International, Cape Town
1984    Beuster-Skolomowski Gallery, Pretoria
1980    Port Elizabeth School of Art and Design
Group Exhibitions
2010    Four guest artists. Sacramento State University Museum.                
2010    Bellevue Arts Museum, Seattle. “Clay Throwdown Biennale”
2010    Chmar Gallery inaugural exhibition.
2009    Los Angeles Art Fair. Sculpturesite Gallery.
2008    Hastings House sculpture garden inaugural.
2007    Sculpture Site Gallery, Body Language 2
2006    Sculpture Site Gallery, San Francisco Firings
2006    Sculpture Site Gallery, San Francisco Body Language
2006    Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale
2005    Vancouver International Sculpture Biennale
2004    Toronto International Art Fair, Miriam Shiell Gallery
2003    Toronto International Art Fair, Buschlen Mowatt Gallery
2002    Toronto International Art Fair, Vortex Gallery
2001    Sofa International Art Fair, Miller Gallery
2001    International invitational Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
2001    Vancouver Art Gallery, Invitational Auction Exhibition
2000    Sofa International Art Fair, Miller Gallery
2000    Vancouver Art Gallery, Invitational Auction Exhibition
1997    Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver
1996    Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, H x W x D
1995    Los Angeles International Art Fair, Diane Farris Gallery
1995    Seattle International Art Fair, Diane Farris Gallery
1993    Port Angeles Fine Arts Museum, WA. U.S.A., Straight Art III: the Canadian Waters
1991    Vortex Gallery, Saltspring Island, Dual Show
1988    National Red Cross Exhibition for Operation Hunger,  Invitational traveling show, Southeby's
               South Africa.
1988    1820 Settlers' Monument, South Africa, Ecca Group Show, Grahamstown Festival, Grahamstown
1987     Anne Bryant Gallery East London, South Africa, Five Artists from the Ciskei
1984 – 1987       Grahamstown 1820 Settlers Monument, City Hall, Port Elizabeth Read Gallery,
               Johannesburg  G.A.P. Group, Annual Exhibitions
1981    Port Elizabeth School of Art and Design
1978 – 1986       Annual Exhibition, Association of Ceramists of South Africa
Gardiner Museum of Contemporary Ceramics, Toronto
South African National Gallery, Pretoria
Ceramics Museum Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
Gates Foundation, U.S.A.
Permanent Collection, Port Elizabeth Technikon
Richard B. Sachs collection, New York
Private collections: South Africa, Japan, Canada, England, U.S.A., Ireland, Bahamas,
       New Zealand, Holland and Australia.
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