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    Christian Nicolay has exhibited, performed and screened in Canada, the US, Europe and Asia, occasionally staring into the sun to receive messages. For the latter half of 2010 he was invited to artist residencies in Finland and Taiwan exploring the landscape and their cultures. In May 2011 an independent label out of Sugar Hill Georgia released his concept double sound art album based on Fire and Water. He continues to work with drawing, sculpture, installation, sound composition, performance art and video –  investigating the themes of paradoxes, the unity of opposites, social activity, and cultural identity. He summarizes his art and life by "paying attention to systematic confusion".

   In the summer of 2000 Christian Nicolay received a travel grant from the Canada Council to hitchhike across Canada with a wooden chair, mapping his travels of the unusual and unexpected moments of transition that occur between moving and sitting.  In 2006 he did a commissioned sound work for a National Radio Broadcast with CBC Radio One across Canada.  This sound performance work consisted of an unauthorized climbing of Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver from the base to its 364 foot high tower and transforming it into a musical instrument, reconstructing the naturally occurring sounds into a harmonic musical composition.
    Christian Nicolay has been the recipient of several visual and media arts awards, artistic director, and curator of various projects, includes collaborations with artists from various fields in video, performance, sound and installation.  He has given several lectures about his work, and has exhibited and performed in numerous spaces worldwide including Public, Commercial, and Artist Run Art galleries.

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Christian Nicolay - Safety Instructions - click for larger image

Safety Instructions
20 x 14.5 Inches 
mixed media on paper on panel
Christian Nicolay - Pietro - click for larger image

7 x 4.5 Inches 
mixed media on flyleaf paper on panel
Christian Nicolay - Birds Eye - click for larger image

Birds Eye
24.75 x 19 Inches 
mixed media on paper on panel
Christian Nicolay - Birds Eye (detail) - click for larger image

Birds Eye (detail)
Christian Nicolay - Bird Haircut - click for larger image

Bird Haircut
7 x 4.5 Inches 
mixed media
Christian Nicolay - Self Portrait as Joseph Campbell (diptych) - click for larger image

Self Portrait as Joseph Campbell (diptych)
30 x 30 Inches 
mixed media on panels
Left portion of diptych is three connecting panels
Right portion of diptych is five connecting panels
Christian Nicolay - The Spaces Between Spaces - click for larger image

The Spaces Between Spaces
20.75 x 13.25 Inches 
mixed media on flyleaf pages (framed under glass)
Christian Nicolay - Go Ask Alice - click for larger image

Go Ask Alice
46 x 34 Inches 
mixed media on panel
Pencil, graphite, pen, acrylic paint, house paint, watercolour, whiteout, pastel, crayon, found detritus paper, collage, thread on paper on panel  
Christian Nicolay - Rosie’s Landscape - click for larger image

Rosie’s Landscape
35.5 x 19.5 Inches 
mixed media on panel
Pencil, graphite, pen, acrylic paint, whiteout, pastel, found detritus paper, thread
Christian Nicolay - Talking to God - click for larger image

Talking to God
39.75 x 25.75 Inches 
pencil, graphite, pen, acrylics, watercolour, whiteout, pastel, crayon, collaged found papers, gum, coffee, and linseed oil on panel
Christian Nicolay - Healing - click for larger image

mixed media
variable dimensions
Christian Nicolay - Self-Portrait - click for larger image

3.5 x 12.5 x 1 Inches 
mixed media
All of Nicolay's parking tickets and collection letters, thread

price by request
Christian Nicolay - Security Blanket - click for larger image

Security Blanket
Christian Nicolay - Security Blanket (front view) - click for larger image

Security Blanket (front view)
mixed media
A collaborative effort between Christian Nicolay and Ya-chu Kang. In the work Security Blanket, Nicolay & Kang present a blanket hung from the ceiling click here for more...
Christian Nicolay - Security Blanket (rear view)  - click for larger image

Security Blanket (rear view)
mixed media
A collaborative effort between Christian Nicolay and Ya-chu Kang. In the work Security Blanket, Nicolay & Kang present a blanket hung from the ceiling click here for more...
Christian Nicolay - Security Blanket (reverse view) - click for larger image

Security Blanket (reverse view)
Christian Nicolay - I.D. Table - click for larger image

I.D. Table
mixed media
identity cards, wood, paint, plexiglass
Christian Nicolay - Wash - click for larger image

8.5 x 12 x 3 Inches 
soap & video installation
price by request. This is a collaborative effort between Christian Nicolay and Ya-chu Kang.

Christian Nicolay - Recoil - click for larger image

video still
Winner of the Make it Short Video Contest award based at the NW Film Center in Portland.

Recoil is a collaborative video work in which Nicolay click here for more...
Please email the gallery to view more works by Christian Nicolay.

1996 – 2000   BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree (Honors)
                        Okanagan University College (OUC), Kelowna BC

Jyvaskyla Art Museum, Finland
Akkigalleria, Jyvaskyla Finland
Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat AB
UBC Okanagan, Kelowna BC
St. Paul’s Hospital, Vancouver BC
Numerous Private Collections Worldwide

Artist Residency, Akkigalleria, Jyvaskyla Finland
Artist Residency, Taipei Artist Village (TAV), Taipei Taiwan

Canada Council Media Arts Travel Grant
Artist Residency, New Adventures in Sound Art (NAISA), Deep Wireless Festival          
CBC Radio One co-produced by OutFront & Charles Street Video, Toronto ON

Artist Residency, Temporal Transmissions, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna BC
Video Production Grant, Alternator Gallery Kelowna BC

Canada Council Visual Arts Travel Grant
Helen Pitt Award (2000, 1999, 1998) UBC Okanagan
UBC Okanagan Traveling Exhibition Award

Tuition Scholarship Entrance Award, UBC Okanagan
4th Place in the 19th Annual College Photographer’s Forum Contest, San Diego CA

Tuition Scholarship Entrance Award, UBC Okanagan
Kelowna & District Arts Council Bursary  
UBC Okanagan Traveling Exhibition Award
Turik Crawford Architects Award

Solo Interdisciplinary Exhibitions
Collections in Faith, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver BC

Hope Floats, Alternator Gallery - Window Gallery, Kelowna BC
Open Spaces, The Art Ark Gallery, Kelowna BC

Project Flyleaf in the fridge, The Art Ark Gallery, Kelowna BC

Project Flyleaf, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC

ACTions of mass construction, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC

(un)common (playing)ground, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna BC

Conversations with a brick wall, Old School House Arts Centre, Qualicum Beach BC

Systematic Confusion, Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver BC
Pedestrian Hitch-hiker with a Chair, Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver BC

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Television and Radio
Fanny Kiefer Show, SHAW TV, Vancouver BC
Panel Discussion, Free 103point9 radio broadcast, Toronto ON to Brooklyn New York USA

North by Northwest-CBC Radio One, Interview with Paul Grant

John Doe (Television-Series I), Vancouver BC, Episode 114/10, Jerry Wanek (Production Designer), Contributing Artist  

Dark Angel (Television-Series II), Vancouver BC, Episode 10, Jerry Wanek (Production Designer), Cover Book Artist Designer  CBC News World, Vancouver BC, Interview with Sudha Krishna, Nov. 2001

CBC City Beat Television, Montreal QC, “Gallerie Verticale”, Anna Simacapoulos, Aug 3, 2000

Visiting Artist Lectures
Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei Taiwan, w/ Ya-chu Kang

Richmond Art Gallery, Richmond BC
UBC Okanagan, Kelowna BC

Langara College, Vancouver BC  
Rutland Middle School, Art Starts Workshop, Kelowna BC

McRoberts Secondary, Richmond BC
Langara College, Vancouver BC  
UBC Okanagan, Kelowna BC

UBC Okanagan, Kelowna BC

Professional Experience
Curator, Pacificthorn & Bridge and Tunnel Gallery, Downtown Eastside Vancouver BC

Instructor: Mixed Media, Arts Umbrella, Vancouver BC

Juror, CRES Media Arts Committee for Artist Residency with CFRO Radio, Vancouver BC

Artistic Director, Arthur Erickson’s Waterfall Building Grand Opening, Vancouver BC

Board Member, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna BC

Selected Group Exhibitions
The Gross Anatomy Course II, ARTOPIA, Dong Hwa Art Institute, Hualien, Taiwan, collaboration w/ Ya-chu Kang

The Gross Anatomy Course II, Museum of Medical Humanities, Taipei, Taiwan, collaboration w/ Ya-chu Kang
The Gross Anatomy Course II, Miss Baltazar Lab., Quartier 21, Vienna, Austria, collaboration w/ Ya-chu Kang
The Gross Anatomy Course II:The Dying Eye, Schmiede Art Festival, Hallein, Austria, collaboration w/ Ya-chu Kang

Wind Heaped Up, CAMP Talganie Museum, Okinawa, Japan, collaboration w/ Ya-chu Kang
Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute, Siena, Italy
House Games, Jyvaskyla Finland, collaboration w/ Ya-chu Kang
The Ocean in Us, United Nations Safe Planet Exhibition, The Roundhouse, Vancouver BC

A.I.R. Group Show, Taipei Artists Village,TAV, Taipei Taiwan, collaboration with Ya-chu Kang
The Group Show, Masik Studios, Vancouver BC
Artwalk Vancouver 2010, 2-32 Water Street, Vancouver BC

Once Upon a Pond....pond hockey and global warming, Esplanade Art Gallery,
Medicine Hat AB, Catalogue.
Stone Soup, Grace Gallery, Vancouver BC, 3 person collaboration w/ Lisa Birke and Eben Bender

Made in the West, Traveling Exhibition, Art House Gallery, Calgary AB, The Works –
Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton AB, Catalogue
Cheaper than a one night stand 8, Old Storyeum Building, Vancouver BC
Unite for Art, Arthouse Gallery, w/ UNICEF, Vancouver BC

Regeneration, Arthouse Gallery, Vancouver BC,

Return to Sender, 69 Pender Gallery, Vancouver BC

Soft Emergencies, Viking Union Gallery, Bellingham WA, USA
I am Grateful, Hawthorne Building, Vancouver BC

Artropolis 2003, Juried Exhibition, CBC-TV Studios, Vancouver BC
Old Guard/ New Guard, The Art Ark, Kelowna BC, 3 Person Show with Shayne Brandel & Jim Kalnin

O2txt: celebrating the visual word, Juried, Chidlaw Gallery, Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Ohio USA    

Helen Pitt Triennial Exhibition, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna BC. Catalogue

Unstable Motion, Juried, Gallerie Verticale, Laval QC,
East and West Gallery Exchange with Alternator Gallery. Catalogue
Emerging, Juried, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna BC w/ Diana Thornycroft    

Land Biography: Pa(y)ssages of the Okanagan, Juried, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna BC

Portland International Film Festival, Portland OR, USA, collaboration w/ Ya-chu Kang
Make it Short, NW Film Center, Portland OR, USA, Judges Award Winner for Recoil w/ Ya-chu Kang

Art’s Birthday: Retro Future, Juried, Video Pool Media Arts Centre, Winnipeg MB
Project 5, Bloedel Conservatory, selected for Paul Wong’s “5”, Vancouver BC

VIDEOHOLICA, International Video Art Festival, 2nd Edition/ Peking Duck or Video in time of crisis, Varna, Bulgaria

HI MOM FILM Festival #10, Juried, Chapel Hill, Carrboro NC, USA
Soundwave>Series ((3)), Juried, ME’D1.ATE Network, San Francisco CA, w/ Sam McKinlay

International Short Film Festival, Juried, Fundacion Octaedro, Quito-Ecuador, South America

NEXTFest, Next Generation Arts Festival, Juried, Edmonton AB
HI MOM FILM Festival #9, Juried, Chapel Hill, Carrboro NC, USA
Signal & Noise 2006, Juried, Video In Studios, Vancouver BC

Temporal Transmissions, Eastern Edge Gallery, St. John’s NF
Neighbourhood, Centre A Gallery, Vancouver BC
HI MOM FILM Festival #8, Juried, Chapel Hill, Carrboro NC, USA
Temporal Transmissions, Juried, Alternator Gallery, Kelowna BC
Duotone Arts Festival 2005, Kelowna BC

Bien jouer, love, Underground, Calgary AB

Asleep at the Wheel, Trinity Square Video, Toronto ON, w/ Stephen Foster, Gary Pearson, & Brian Gotro.  Artist Run Gallery Exchange Exhibition with The Alternator Gallery, Kelowna BC

Two Person Exhibitions
2012     Portable Walls, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC, collaboration with Ya-chu Kang
2010     Nomadic Recoils, Akkigalleria, Jyvaskyla Finland, with Roy Hopiavuori
                  Point of Reference, View Art Gallery, Victoria BC, with Yuri Arajs
2004     Life on Exchange, The Art Ark Gallery, Kelowna BC, with Jenny Long
2002     Art on the Fringes, Ballard Lederer Gallery, Vancouver BC, with Davida Kidd

Selected Performances
Clamour and Toll, Playwrights Theatre Centre, curated by Eli Bornowsky, Vancouver BC, w/ Ya-chu Kang

Atlantis, Vancouver Fashion Week, the Chapel, Vancouver BC w/ Pacificthorn
Birdman, Old San Juan Square, Puerto Rico

Rob Me-Grift Me, Undisclosed Location, Istanbul Turkey
No Record exists, Brasov to Bucuresti Nord, Train 3 Seats 72, 74, 76 and 77, Romania Europe
Strangers on a Train, Munster to Dusseldorf HBF, Train IC 2115, Germany, Europe
Dracula vs. Jesus (Vote 2008 series), Piazza San Marco, Venice Italy, Europe

BLIM does FUSE, Vancouver Art Gallery, selected sound artist, Vancouver BC
Canadiana & All Places In Between, Bau-Xi Gallery, Vancouver BC, w/ Lisa Birke

Amplify, Chief Dan George Centre, Vancouver BC
AMPTANK, Klondike Route Claim #6, Dawson City, YK
Signal & Noise 2005, Juried, Video In Studios, Vancouver BC

Raw & Cooked, The Western Front, Vancouver BC, w/ Sam McKinlay & Eli Bornowsky

The Rita is in the Hospital, Miss T’s Cabaret, Vancouver BC, w/ Sam McKinlay  

Lucille Balls, The Last Chance Saloon, Wayne AB, w/ Neil Peters  
York Hotel: Grande Prairie, The York Hotel, Grande Prairie AB w/ Neil Peters & Brian Gotro

Pedestrian Hitch-hiker with a chair, Hitch-hiked across Canada (BC – QC) with a wooden Chair, Gallery Exchange with    Alternator Gallery, supported by the Canada Council

Solo, Kastpo Castle, Kalymnos Greece, Europe
Question Christian, Voinkirche-St. Stephens Cathedral, Vienna Austria, Europe
Growl, Kelowna Art Gallery, Kelowna BC, w/ Nobuo Kubota

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