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Tom Forrestall
Three Spoons Four Feathers
9.5 x 17 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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‘Three Spoons Four feathers In Rust And Dirt’, Egg tempera Oct. 09. I started sprinkling on dots, dashes and line with ink and scratching it out. It did not convince me . . . so the studio floor was swept up and the hairs, dust bunnies, bit and dirt were spread out on a clean white sheet of paper. . . what a surprise of colours, shapes and other minute bits where there. They are the reference model used in this painting. The importance of dust, what could be useless than dust, but yet as it lay over the spoons and feathers it was beautiful. It softened the light, knit the colours together and gave the overall a fuzzy look. Here again a subject has been returned to and seen anew. There is never anything boring about digging deeper and deeper into the familiar and seen more and more in it. This is one of the many ways I paint. Also the intense focus on the here and now creative process excludes any former dealings with a vaguely similar subject. Tom Forrestall. Darmouth N.S. Autumn’09.

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