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Tom Forrestall
Pine near Grand Lake
24 x 30 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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This pine tree near Grand Lake has attracted me for at least a decade or more. I would drive by it with a long look and expression of interest. ďOne of these daysĒ I would say to myself, but I wasnít ready. I waited and waited, until the 25 of May 1998 and I was to go for it, but when I settled to it only the top held me, the bottom was lost in unnecessary turmoil and at last this seems just fine, I want some big empty spaces. For too long Iíve crammed it all in right to the rafters and more out to the edges of the space and shape. Also I was always looking down into the earth, little or no sky now Iím looking up into the source, away from the earth. At last I can focus on the treetop alone. What sky there is is no concern, no land, no water, no life save the pine. I like the pine, itsí sight, itsí evergreen, itsí sound when the wind passes through the needles. While this pine stands out to me itís got other trees about it. The pine tree was found amid trees, singled out focused upon, dwelled upon, drawn, sketched and at last envisioned. The last experience before expression , real and detailed as it is, it does not look like a photograph because it is a reach for a vision. That hyper-perfect image elevates the expression way above the surface reality of a cameraís limited abilities. The pine has greater meaning for me going back to childhood in the Annapolis Valley climbing a big old one near home and setting in its limbs.

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