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Tom Forrestall
Ocean Fog
6 x 20.5 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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“Ocean Fog” “Devil’s Island in fog” “Two bites of the island” Please give it your own title and thereby partake with it. Egg tempera. March 2011. Near home… Tom Forrestall.

This double shape, in my studio, caused me to falter. I could not do anything with it to my satisfaction… “Go back to nature” a voice from within called out and I did. Taking the panel, brushes and India ink, I drove to the point and looked toward the island with this panel in hand. I was astonished how easily and naturally this double shape adapted itself to the place. It was as smooth as silk. Here on location the two realities fitted together. Decisions were directly made. Things moved about, taken out, put in. What seemed so abstract and unnatural all fitted together so smoothly on site. this can hold true for any reasonable shape. I only concentrated on the drawing in India ink on location. Colour did not come into the painting at this stage. Drawing and colour are separated. the main revelation is how well the shape adapted on the location and this holds true for all shapes. If a rectangle can be adapted to a site any shape can be. More on this must be studied…Taking the shape on location, then take egg tempera on site to paint with as well. This is a small painting but it did turn on a bright light for me. The poor little lighthouse on Devil’s Island is going to ruin with little help to save it… here’s a tribute to the late senator Mike Forrestall, who worked hard to have the FEBS look after the historic lights.

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