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Tom Forrestall
Lost Spoon Found
7 x 41 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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“Lost Spoon Found” “Lost…Spoon found” “Missing Spoon” Please give it your own title. “Spoon found in the Shells and Grass”

One must look close to see the spoon. Diane lent me this silver spoon when I saw it in her dining room. What drew me to this large beautiful spoon is a mystery. it lay about the studio for quite a while before this painting got started. as with all my painting there were hang ups. it was no “piece of cake”. The Whole thing is very simple and thus more can be seen in it, but it’s painted in a complicated way. It’s insightful to push one’s abilities to their limits and see what come up. If one read this painting as complicated symbols, all sorts of ideas can pop into mind. treasure, lost found, negative/positive, etc. This work was entirely put together on a table in my studio and sat there for weeks as it got painted. on and off with six other paintings. Mother had a fetish for collecting old silver, Georgian spoons being part of it all. she showed me how beautiful they were and gave me a handful. I’ve painted them many times over the years as well as other such as this one of Diane’s. Even when I paint directly from real, as has been done, creative imagination is so much a part of it all. So much so this final painting only vaguely looks too much like the real set up. This is what I call the truer realism because it comes from and builds from deep inside one where only the self can look and see. Opposed to the false realism of the surface that all look at and there’s nothing to see.

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