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Tom Forrestall
Alone in the Woods
7.75 x 41 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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“Alone in the Woods” “Stump and Painter” “Alone, Near Grand Lake” Tom Forrestall. Summer ‘06

Painting is a lonely trade. One must look inwards and draw upon their own resources. Whatever they are, great or small, no one else can painting out the art but yourself. Do it!! “Alone in the Woods” is akin to this. Job alone, one must stay focused, get pleasure and joy from the woods and treat it with care and respect. Artists see differently and then most people, they take in what’s needed and discard those parts not needed in expression. Here in the woods, much was packed in but even more left out. it is the combination of several places. As it emerges with life of its own and a universal nature it is no longer a portrait of a place. indeed as this painting developed the real place commenced to fade away and be left behind, no longer needed, there is a hidden quality, as the woods engulfs all. There is a kind of woven fabric to the whole. This long shape is part of a group of paintings that look at and express the horizontal earth. As usual, more questions will be asked then answers supplied. The drawing, the vision, the painting. Natalie died on 13 March and now, four months later, I still feel her near, hear her breathing beside me in bed. I am alone in the woods, alone but not lost.

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