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Tom Forrestall
Above Bear Island
7 x 41 Inches
egg tempera on gessoed panel
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ďAbove Bear IslandĒ

At the mouth of the Bear River, with the Annapolis Basin and the Digby Gut. In the distance and the Bay of Fundy beyond. If one drives east from Digby on the 101, a few kilometers they will come to this spot looking out over Bear Island and the basin with the Bay of Fundy in the distance through the gut. I have a life time connection to this place and it draws me back again and again. The Annapolis Basin/Bay of Fundy shore has endless potential for me. There is, amid its beauty a deep rooted disquiet both positive and negative that saturates the whole area in mystery and charm. Painted from a watercolor done in 1992, the distance and the water through up a barrier to that place I reach for. The perfection that can be never be attained. Read what you want in my painting. Give it your own title. That I would dwell on a sketch for 17 years, then paint it out, mystifies me. Perhaps, itís this way. Painting may be king, but drawing is the power behind the throne.

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