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Nancy Boyd
After Muybridge No 2, Gibbon turning While Pinned
21 x 37.5 Inches
graphite on paper
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“All students of animal motion sooner or later find their way back to the monumental photographic works of Eadweard Muybridge.” So says the introduction to the 1955 publication of his Animals In Motion, the companion to The Human Figure in Motion, both of which seminal works have proved compelling to so many. The Animals in Motion photos, shot over a hundred years ago, show a range of critters caught in the act of leaping, walking, trotting, turning, galloping or in some cases flying: photos shot at fractions of a second so as to better show us how these elegant creatures naturally move.

My drawings are an homage to the Muybridge studies, a reflection of my love of all animals, and a fond recollection of hours of 'make believe' played with my dear 11 year old friend, Sophie Parke, and her vast collection of 'stuffies'. These endearing but boneless critters can be endlessly posed and manipulated to take on whatever complex human projections we care to impose upon them, something we often do to our pets. Please feel free to let your own harmless projections attach themselves to these 'stuffies' in mock-motion.

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