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Mary-Ann Liu and Cyrus Yavneh
Doodle Collage #7
31.75 x 23.25 Inches
ink jet print on watercolour paper, sleeve: laser print on archival velum
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$200 unframed

“What is a doodle bag?”

Not everyone has a doodle bag. I don’t have to save stamps. A doodle bag is where I keep my doodles. If I see a doodle on a pad I cut it out before I throw the pad into the bin. A doodle can materialize on napkins, notepads, files, just about anywhere. When I see one, I cut it out and put it in a large baggie, my doodle bag. I’m sure they are all happy to be in the doodle bag with all their other doodle friends wondering when I’m going to glue them on and write something about them. The experience can be an exercise in non-censorship. A doodle is doodle or is it more? Can they be laden with in gradients that stir emotion? Are they a scramble review of time, meetings, fantacys, lovers? The music of the mind conducted by the pencil onto the paper put into a bag and pasted together? Frame it. To do the process, is peaceful, relaxing, fun, silly, cleansing, meditative. It’s okay to do arts and crafts at any age. Share your doodles with a date. Make love on a bed of doodles and see what sticks…

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