Elliott Louis Gallery Canadian Fine Art
Mary-Ann Liu and Cyrus Yavneh
Doodle Collage #4
31.75 x 23.25 Inches
ink jet print on watercolour paper, sleeve: laser print on archival velum
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$200 unframed
08/01/99 mood moments

“Where to start?”

Mood Moments
Where to start? It’s been a year and a half since the last one.
Rosie and Alexander are 6 years old today.
These doodles had different names, numbers, moments, written on the papers from different times, years, environments, saved in an envelop for pasting.
Moments memories mood moments.
People, places, time, associations, visited, left, anonymous,
shapes, graphics, new moods, mystery,
no control.
“Wilderness Queen”, the doodle movie,
pure expression
What is it? Why should someone look at this?
It’s opening a window and seeing sensing new. Almost an alphabet.
Silent music visual notes poetry of form
like limbs of a tree, their entwined ballet of roots.
It’s all with us to be seen.
Simply, its fun!

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