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Mary-Ann Liu and Cyrus Yavneh
Doodle Collage #3
31.75 x 23.25 Inches
ink jet print on watercolour paper, sleeve: laser print on archival velum
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$200 unframed

Doodlerama #3

“Who knows?”

There’s a Japanese artistic discipline where you take three rocks and arrange. It evokes a mood of poetry. How many doodles to a page? Problems, problems, problems. It’s amazing you can get into trouble just by unconsciously scratching on a pad.
The ever expanding doodle life. I’m using Alexander my son’s doodle when he was three years old.
The shape of the paper, the color of the surface. I don’t draw well. Imagine the doodles of a good cartoonist. Symbols, thoughts, words . The beginning.
Leaving empty space, breath. Cutting one doodle into two. Separating them. A holy man taught me that G-D is the thing that is disguarded.
Mr. Mooey is Alexander’s special stuffed animal friend, a cow with a happy face and long tail.
As of 1:50 p.m. P.S.T. the name doodle is changed to “doodlerama!”
“Sui Seki” called "Viewing Rocks", where a rock resembles a natural form or where there is a picture within the rock.

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