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Mary-Ann Liu
Doodle Collage #1
31.75 x 23.25 Inches
ink jet print on watercolour paper, sleeve: laser print on archival velum
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$200 unframed


A Doodle is many sided.
A random unintentional expression.
Each is different in every way.
After awhile, I cut out the doodle
from the page and save.
Then, after a longer while,
I scissor away the non-doodle
and glue onto a page.
A lot of choices come into play,
What to use, what to discard?
They have word messages,
shape and design. Messages and
design are different and the
same simultaneously. Very
stimulating and electric.
What am I doing saving scribbles?
Why not? Itís a unique art form that
most people do. Itís expression.
What doodle to put next to what
doodle. As the page fills with doodles
an energy of motion reveals itself
uncensored. The end result is in a pure form,
emotional motion.
My eye and intellectual awareness
co-inhabit. I focus on one, the other,
both or neither. It changes depending
on how close or far from it I view.
Itís a dance and a brain tickle
and a surface with lots of little pieces
of paper glued to it. Itís nothing and
something . worthless and of value,
to me. Try it. What else is there?

Cyrus Yavneh

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