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Marcel Barbeau
Prauna (1972)
20 x 28.5 Inches
colored ink on arche paper
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50 x 72 cm

Dated 1972,Marcel painted this large watercolor on paper while visiting Basel for the Art fair at which he exhibited two paintings. Marcel had purchased a dozen beautiful cotton paper sheets at the fair that he then painted in the garden of the small Bed and Breakfast where he was staying. Although the composition is simpler, the fineness of design of this painting reminds one of the nervous colour lines of the five very large ( 4 x 5 meters) performance paintings, “Kitchenumbi” that he had produced a few weeks earlier at the grand theatre de Caen. At the Kitchenumbi exhibition Marcel was interacting with percussionist Vincent Dionne, within the context of a Gabriel Gascon poetry show. Kitchenumbi is an indian word meaning feast or exchange (a kind of potlach) according to Gabriel Gascon. The greater Victoria Art Gallery and Museum owns one of these very large paintings.

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