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Jim Ramsay
The Grudge: Meat Grudge
11 x 12.5 x 8.5 Inches
paper and mixed media
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Collaboration with artist Derek von Essen

Derek von Essen is a Vancouver-based photographer, painter, video, mixed-media and graphic artist. He specializes in fine arts, dance, theatre, music, film and publishing projects while recycling everything from objects to conversations in his work. He's had numerous gallery exhibitions and commissions, work published in books and magazines, honoured by the BC Business and Arts Awards, profiled on CBC television and facilitated artist workshops and presentations.

" the paintings portray von Essen's expansive side; brimming with language, they convey intricate personal treaties, like songs in colour Diligent and relentlessly inquiring, Derek von Essen has created a significant body of art." - Nancy Lanthier, Arts Journalist

"Derek von Essen is an amazing designer and artist...conjuring what can only be called a mind-blowing visual expression of utter debasement." Brian K, Anvil Press

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