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Jim Ramsay
Town Without Pity: Temple of Venus
22 x 11.5 x 9.5 Inches
paper and mixed media
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Collaboration with artist Jason Atomic:

Jason Atomic is a familiar face in the London & Tokyo subcultures, galleries and clubs.
Despite a background in comix he discovered real life to be more interesting than fiction and began a documenting the freak icons of the underground art, music and club scenes in his colourful energetic paintings and sketchbooks.

"I’m obsessed with authenticity of line, I sketch from life & don’t take my eye off the model while I’m drawing, I fix them with my stare and don't take my eyes away from them til the sketch is done. Meanwhile, my hand scratches away at my book like a robot spiderclaw”.

Atomic is the unofficial holder of the World land/speed record for portraiture, he regularly contributes text & images to a variety of magazines including The Illustrated APE. Atomic is in the roster of artists featured in The Art Hustle, a project which features profile and art cards of 75 international artists including the heroes of the underground, graffiti, toy art, low brow & sci-fi art scenes.

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