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Deon Venter
Geloof Maak IV
78 x 100 Inches
mixed media on canvas

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“Geloof Maak” (making religion) refers to the expression in Xhosa culture when the goat is slaughtered in sacrifice. This painting is informed by the painting “The Last Supper” by Leonardo da Vinci. This is a powerful image which takes me back to my rural roots, growing up on a farm in South Africa. This describes physical as well as symbolic action. The sacrificial lamb is replaced in the painting by a tied bundle of firewood. The gathering of these bundles of firewood is often the daily task of women in the black societies of my youth. It is essential for the survival in daily life with these cultures. It is used for firewood as energy or heat, building material for their housing, corralling for their livestock. The burning of firewood is also a very potent symbol for energy exchange - for the visible to become invisible - but is experienced as energy released through heat.

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