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The subject matter of my paintings truly is the language of paint, but, composition, gesture, structure and the relationship of 'painter and painting' also comes into the picture. While maintaining a sense of immediacy, the building of a painting is a challenging task.

There are many versions of the piece that I arrive at layered under the resting surface.The journey of a shape, colour or brush mark seems to be an endless one, moving around the surface until finding a place to finally rest. When it does, I feel a sense of being released from the painting and know that is the moment when I cannot give anything more and move on to the next piece.

In this way, I work with the idea that each painting is a continuum from one to the next and is not ever really finished but content in the moment. Painting as a language has a strong force and I continuously look to the voice of Abstract Expressionism. It's where I find the greatest sense of freedom in mark making. I hope that in my painterly explorations I am not simply recycling, but creating work with its own vocabulary.

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Born UK 1965. Emigrated from England to Canada 1979. Working in Canada.

Originally from England, Carolyn studied painting at Emily Carr Institute (under Landon Mackenzie) and The Art Students League of NYC (under Catherine Redmond). In 2000, she graduated from ECI recognized as a “...boundary buster...” by Vancouver Sun, Arts writer, Michael Scott. Along with continued in depth exploration into abstract painting, the following years have produced collaborations with Etienne Zack and Randy Lee Cutler. Carolyn is also known as the animator and film score composer for award winning experimental films and documentaries by Nina Rota. Screened in 34 countries worldwide, ‘Terminator Seed’ has won worldwide acclaim and ‘Luscious’, shown on Channel 4 in the UK, has received nods from film festival critics. While having a continuous interest in the relationship between sound and image, Carolyn has maintained a strong foundation and presence in painting, exhibiting in NYC, Los Angeles and Vancouver. In 2010, she was in residence in Lakehill, New York, with longtime mentor Henrietta Mantooth. ‘Groupings’ is her third exhibition at the Elliott Louis Gallery.

Carolyn lives and works in Vancouver, Canada.

2000    Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, BFA
1998    Otis College of Art and Design
1996    The Art Students League

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2000    The Opus Painting Award
2000    The Canada Millennium Scholarship
1999    BC Arts Council Grant
1998    ECIAD Bursary Award
1998    ECIAD Scholarship
1998    The Takao Tanabe Scholarship

Visiting Artist Lectures
1999   The Art Students League; Catherine Redmond painting class. NYC.

2011    Grounds for Interpretation, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver. Solo
2010    Winter, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2010    Figure and Ground, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver. Two person
2010    The Drawing Room, National Juried Show, Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver
2010    Never Think Small - Redux!, Climate/Gallery, NYC
2010    Winter, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2009    Never Think Small, Climate Gallery, NYC
2009    Pencil On Paper, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
2008    Freewaves' 11th Festival of New Media Arts, Hollywood, USA.
2008    Luscous FIAE at 2008 MAMRio. Museum of Modern Art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
2006    Hacking the Timeline/EZTV, Digitantism and the LA Digital Arts Movement, Santa Monica, CA
2006    Luscious. Exhibition of Digital Art in Print, Video and Installation, Animation and Filmscore.
                Directed by Nina Rota. USA.        
2005    Selected Paintings, EllArtExchange, Winncastle Gallery, Los Angles, CA
2005    EllArtExchange Group Show, SULKIN SECANT Gallery,  Bergamot Station, Santa Monica, CA          
2004    New Paintings, Gallery 6612 A, Los Angeles, CA. Solo  
2003    On the Verge, DCA Gallery, Los Angles, CA
2001    saltysatedradiant Soundscape. Directed by Randy Lee Cutler. 'Signal&Noise'. Video Inn Vancouver.
2000    Terminator Seed.The Art Students League annual exhibition. Filmscore. Directed by Nina Rota. NYC
2000    Curious Hybrids, Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver              
2000    INCONSPICUOUS, Dynamo Gallery, 'INCONSPICUOUS' Installation. Vancouver.
2000    X-POLLiNATION Surveil Part I Collaboration with Etienne Zack. Palace Sessions,Vancouver
2000    ECI Graduate Show, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Vancouver
2000    OBJECT ECIAD Concourse Gallery, Vancouver
2000    Domestic Inquisitions.ECIAD Concourse Gallery, Vancouver
2000    A Day in the Life A Different Lite Book store. NYC
2000    Flying Teapots. Dream Designs. Vancouver. Solo
2000    Fuzzy Lamps and MotorCycle Girls. r-studio gallery. Vancouver
1999    NYU Anniversary Juried Show,  NYU East Galleries, NYC            
1999    Good Show-New Work by Ten British Artists, Grunt Gallery, Vancouver.
1999    ECIAD Concourse Gallery, Painting and sculpture. Vancouver.
1999    ECIAD Concourse Gallery, 'OBJECT' Painting. Vancouver.
1999    ECIAD Concourse Gallery, 'Domestic Inquisitions'. Painting. Vancouver.
1997    The Atlantic Gallery Annual Winter Exhibition. Painting. NYC
1996    The Atlantic Gallery Annual Winter Exhibition. Painting. NYC          
1996    Sculpture, A Different Life Book store. NYC
1995    The Atlantic Gallery Annual Winter Exhibition. NYC1995    r-studio gallery, Vancouver

Published Scores
2007   Spineless. 6m, animation. Nina Rota director. USA
2006   Luscious. 5m, Experimental animation. Nina Rota director. USA
2002   Does Anyone Die of AIDS Anymore? 29m, documentary. Louise Hogarth director. Dream out Loud
             Productions. USA
2000   Terminator Seed. 6m. documentary. Nina Rota director. Sorella Productions. Worldwide
             distribution.Otitis Media. 2m10s. experimental animation. Nina Rota director. USA.
1999   Who Needs Hollywood! The Story of Video Pioneer John Dorr & EZTV. 29m. documentary. Nina Rota
             director. Sorella Productions. USA.

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