the dark

My work is largely based on the exploration into undesirable aspects of human nature. Our necessity for security, the self-delusion required to function in public space, the inevitable lust for position and prominence and our final realization that the impact of these attributes far out weighs the fašade of benefits they offer.   

I represent this idea by using realist imagery, contrasting it with de-saturated tones and unconventional subjects. In this way the work becomes a reflection of  what I perceive to be our true nature, a highly idealist state which thrives on the misrepresentation of  itself to its surroundings.    

"Nothing is easier than self-deceit. For what each man wishes, that he also believes to be true." 


Solo Exhibitions
2007 "Dystopia" - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver
Group Exhibitions
2006 "Transition" - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver, BC
2006 "Perspectives" - Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver, BC