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With paint like hot lava, the artwork of Zhang He surges onto the canvas - vigorous, bright, undulating colours exploding into abstracted plants and flowers.

The style of Zhang's paintings connect him closely to European expressionism, an association embraced by the artist, who also maintains a close relationship to the traditions of Chinese oil painting. The concept of "Chi" is integral to his work, Chi a part of everything that exists, a life force, a spiritual energy. His bold strokes are gorgeous and seductive, evoking energy and passion, sensuality and angst, adding emotion to his contemporary style.  

Born in Shen Yang, China in 1963, Zhang He now makes his home in Montreal.


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Zhang He - Period - click for larger image

60 x 40 Inches 
oil on canvas
Zhang He - Shared Happiness - click for larger image

Shared Happiness
48 x 60 Inches 
oil on canvas
Zhang He - Yesterday - click for larger image

48 x 48 Inches 
oil on canvas
Zhang He - Afternoon - click for larger image

60 x 40 Inches 
oil on canvas
Zhang He - Blooming - click for larger image

48 x 72 Inches 
oil on canvas
Zhang He - Spring Drizzle - click for larger image

Spring Drizzle
48 x 60 Inches 
oil on canvas
Please email the gallery to view more works by Zhang He.

LiaoNing ShenYang LuXun Art Institute in China. Specialization in oil painting

LiaoNing University of Culture Arts study on Stage Design

Beijing Institute of Communications. Specialization in multi-media, photography, and editing.

Solo Exhibitions
2010   Zhang He, New Works, Odon Wagner Gallery Toronto
2008   LuXun Art Institute, Shenyang, China
2007   Qi -- Zhang He, Odon Wagner Contemporary, Toronto
2007   Galerie PANGÉE, Montreal Canada
2003   HAN ART, Montreal Canada
2002   Gallery DeNovo, Ketchum, ID
2002   Galerie au Fond de la Cour, Paris
1979   Musee du Québec, Québec, Canada
1980   Chinese Canadian Art Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1981   Loranger Gallery, Toronto, Canada
1981   Galerie Jordan, Montréal, Canada

Group Exhibitions
2011    Chinese artist contemporary arts Exhibition, Thailand National Gallery
2010    International Biennale Artist MIAMI, Nina Torres Fine Art Gallery
2010    Art & Intergration, ll Palaclo Gipsoteca Libero Museum Andreott, Pescla, Italy
2009    Biennale Internazionale delfArte ContemporaneaCItaly
2009    1 Artbank Gallery, Beijing, China  
2009    Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto, Canada
2008    Continuum: Abstraction from Canada, Sunshine Art Museum, Songzhuang Beijing, China
2008    High Noon Art & Culture Centre, ShangHai, China
2007    Toronto International Art Fair. Toronto
2007    Galerie D'Este, Montreal Canada
2006    Textures, Elliott Louis Gallery, Vancouver BC
2005    Toronto International Art Fair, Toronto
2004    Abstractions of Spring, Gallery DeNovo, Ketchum, ID
2002    ACCCA (Association of Contemporary Chinese Canadian Artists)
2002    Entitlement, Toronto, Canada
1995-1997   China Culture and Art Now, Embassies, Cultural Houses; PRC Intramondial (Domestic)
                       Culture Promotion Dept
1992    China Culture and Art National Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China; PRC Intramondial (Domestic)
                 Culture Promotion Dept
1989     China Culture and Art National Oil Painting Exhibition, Bejing, China; PRC Intramondial (Domestic)
              Culture Promotion Dept
1987     China Culture and Art gNational Youth Art Exhibition, Donbei, China PRC Intramondial (Domestic)
              Culture Promotion Dept
1987-1995   China Culture and Art various expos (8-10 year) Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China; (PRC Inter &
                       Intramondial Culture Promotion Depts and Universities) PRC (Government of) the Peoplefs
                       Republic of China

Note: It is the custom and philosophy of PRC to show the work of their young artists collectively. There is great competition to be selected for these exhibitions. Until very recently the individual promotion of an individual artist was reserved for the elder masters. The concept of the Western Gallery and solo shows was in large part concentrated in the megalopolis centers such as Shanghai and Hong Kong where the gstarsh and grising starsh were shown. This, also until very recently, predominantly promoted a large slate of Occidental - European and American - artists. This contingent is now being augmented by the oriental voice.

IACO International Aviation Corp. Montreal, Canada
Pfifner Management Montreal, Canada/Zurich, Switzerland
Lise Watier International Montreal, Canada/Paris, France
Monit International Montreal, Canada/Miami, Florida
Hot & Spicy Inc. International Montreal & Toronto, Canada/Singapore
Ta Yu Association Seoul, South Korea
Association Du Noveau Monde Hong Kong

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