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Growing up in a small town Ways was limited as far as having the opportunity to see new and developing graffiti. Fortunately home happened to be a major railway hub connecting CN & CP from west to east, the graffiti on these cars became his major muse, inspiring Ways to start playing around with the use of art and letters.

Using photographs taken of the pieces on trains, mixed with various advertising fonts in skate & snowboard magazines Ways began to develop his own style, transcending accumulations of sketches, to actual bodies of work on the streets.

 In 2004 at the age of 19 Ways was in a serious accident breaking the C5 vertebrae in his neck leaving  him permanently paralyzed/ wheelchair bound, with only limited use of his arms. Despite the loss of triceps, and finger movement in his arms Ways was determined to get back into the art and culture that he had fallen in love with, and so he did. Drawing and painting proved to be both physically and mentally therapeutic, over the next few year Ways devised adaptive tools to help in his artistic process, furthering his independence.

Ways is currently working towards a fine arts degree at Thompson Rivers University, in his third year and focusing on drawing and print making. He is continuously traveling North America, and is eager to take opportunities to showcase his work, aspiring to get a foot in the door as a gallery artist.

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