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Vincent & Cheryl Massey     Exhibitions:   New Works of Pottery and Baskets    Vessels for the Home and Table    TWO DAYS ONLY

Vincent's work can best be described as traditional English-Japanese ideas taken to the next level with crisp form, clean lines accentuated with a vast spectrum of stoneware and salt fired glazes.  He finds great comfort in the relationship between the user, food, the maker and utility.


All of Cheryl's baskets are rooted in nature.  Whether it is kelp, cedar or tule rush, Cheryl gathers the material, then dries and soaks it before she begins the weaving process.  Weaving with the materials she has gathered from the lakes, oceans and forests results in intricate colours and textures woven into the work that distinguishes itself as uniquely West Coast.

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Vincent & Cheryl Massey - Pottery and Basket Grouping - click for larger image

Pottery and Basket Grouping
mixed media
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